• Red Canapé Restaurant

    Red Canapé Restaurant

    Red Canapé is an urban restaurant which captures the pulse of the city. It's convenient - just a few feet from the office area. It's refreshing - early service in the morning. It's relaxing - come enjoy a break after work.  It's friendly - come together with friends. It's romantic - if you are in love. It's trendy - because of our culinary imagination. The Red Canapé menu will inspire your tastebuds to experiment - whether it is for quick snack or a large dinner reservation. Just a matter of appetite and leisure. Red Canapé welcomes you - never looking at its watch. Invites you - never discussing your style. Makes you feel comfortably - such as sitting in a cosy canapé. In the case - Red Canapé. The chef of the restaurant, Plamen Stamov, is Chef of the Year 2006 and twice awarded, once in 2006 and once in 2007 for his original kitchen. Red Canapé is different. Just like you. For reservations call 0882 005 005. Working hours - 07:00 to 00:00  

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  • Graffiti Café

    Graffiti Café

    Graffiti Café is a concept for leisure, presented as a visual reality. And inside are waiting for you details of the street styling, artificial emotion and art forms inspired by natural materials. That is urban! It enters the sidewalk of the Main and is ready to make you company. Graffiti Café mixes concepts of your busy life as bravely as the sound of the contemporary club culture. Uncompromising selection of sound and taste. Alternative view of the nature of day and night. Because whatever is the pace around, here you define it. And sipping from your drink, you create trends, rediscover the flavors and capture the city in a rhythm of undirected film, occurring before your eyes. On a sidewalk away. For reservations call 0882 003 003. Working Hours - 07:00 to 01:00

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