Graffit Gallery HotelModern. Stylish. Urban.

All these definitions are mixed to capture the whole sensation of the style and the subconscious massage of Graffit Gallery Hotel. It is the zone where the aesthetic design nuances, the perception and the new technologies create comfort and harmony.
Graffit is imagination. Expression. And now it has its own story to tell.
Built on the foundations of the Center for Contemporary Art in the heart of Varna, it fully preserves the tradition of this place - to unite all the different styles and messages of art and culture. Looking for the allegory in the name of the contemporary visual street art, inherently provocative and revolutionary, Graffit carries the message of breaking the status quo and bringing its own style and imprint. This is the Graffit! The new urban location in Varna.

Closed in its tight graphite form, the hotel boasts its character, atmosphere and lifestyle through a conceptual patchwork of four Bulgarian architects and designers, achieving an artistic touch to each of its 4 floors.